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    This is a thread for any union gripes Maybe some union officials will see what is being said and actually try to fix any problems that occur..

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    I do not attend the local meetings as they are on Sunday mornings and not worth the half hour drive there for the measly pittance i make. However, we pay the same % as everyone else so i demand representation. Do a few of us need to attend a local meeting, and how do we get their attention in a professional matter if so? I have not been to one in years and if you want me to state the locale, i most certainly will. Below is the rant but if you don't want the fluff you may just reply to this question if you please. Thank you.

    Gidday mates and pronouns. No i am not Aussie. I have a PT job for Hertz transporting cars, which means off premise mainly. Clearly the contract states this is to be done by union workers yet the business agent says they can't make them hire and they need to get the work done with outsidwrs. I say hogwash. File the grievances already. They hired umpteen people for other positions but not for us transporters? Six frigging years this has been going on. Outside drivers, scabs if you will, have been violating the contract for years. I have to argue with the agent and the employer over the language. I told the agent i am thru arguing i will save it for the arbitrator, so he says let'slook at the contract again, I read it and he agrees it is "pretty good language". Geez, you think? Members have been complaining to him. "They are going to start following the contract" i am told. Yeah sure, why start now? Then i am told the employer needs to get the work done because we don't have enough people. The business agent also is telling members we have the right to leave instead of saying he'll make it right. That is a lame a** bull 💩 cop out attitude.
    Now the parameters for us are we are PT casual and can come in at will and also be sent home at will. No set schedule so it's nice. We just need to hit the clock at start time within 120 days to save our position. They have hired at least 20 and maybe 30 combined on premise shuttlers and counter people but only 4 transporters over the last oh, 8 years even tho we have lost many due to age. Two of the hires quit so they hired all of two while we lost a dozen. No wonder we can't do the work. When i started we had 33 on the list. Now maybe 20. A good turnout was half, but usually about 1/3. The manager made no bones about disliking unions and purposely hired outside drivers.
    So i was promised a meeting and arbitration. Then not (cuz covid?). Then it was on again and i asked if i could quote him (again) on It. That was last year, so i just asked last week what was up widdit and was told it was shelved a long time ago. Um, what? When the bleep was i gonna be told? I am a useful idiot i spose, if that, and thanks for making me look like one. I have written dozens and dozens of grievances with next to nothing but lip service and emails being done. I was told to stop writing. Then told go ahead but he wants to screen them so i mail it with the pink copy for him to change it up if desired and he can turn it in. Apparently the agent told a coworker i was doing it incorrectly but i of course was not informed. I am not stupid. I can do very specific. Yet we still get nada. Agent stops in work but doesn't feel he needs to be courteous and tell me. I text and email and was told to stop as it is "unproductive". Then he emails me three days later about a seniority list which i had just sent to him if he would have read it. That set me off so i went over his head to the local president. I was told we would get a meeting again. That was in August. I could go on and on...and on.


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      I would show up with as many members you can bring to the meetings.. Make your voices heard.. Half an hour is not a long distance .. If that fails., then go up the chain..