I am not the teamster in the household but I am ready to see such a battle take place.
Delegates to the Teamsters union convention in Las Vegas this week are likely to set the stage for what may be the toughest fight for leadership of the union since James P. Hoffa, 75, won the presidency 17 years ago.

Fred Zuckerman, 59, the president of the 15,000-member Local 89 in Kentucky, will be at the head of the United Slate, challenging Hoffa for the presidency of the 1.26 million-member union. Zuckerman’s diverse local union is one of the biggest in the Teamsters. Equally important, they include employees at the giant hub in Louisville, of the United Parcel Service (UPS), arguably the most important single employer for the Teamsters union and the largest concentration of drivers for the carhaul industry (which transports new cars and often influences contract trends)

Five years ago, Zuckerman, a former Hoffa supporter, was part of a slate led by another breakaway Hoffa backer and union vice-president, Fred Gegare. Local union president Sandy Pope also ran for president without a full slate of challengers but with support from many long-term Hoffa critics, including Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

Neither group of Hoffa opponents fully trusted or wanted to support the other. Even though the two anti-Hoffa slates together drew about 41 percent of the vote, holding Hoffa to his lowest percentage in any of his re-elections. Most important, only about 250,000, or a fifth, of the members voted.
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