Teamsters United Files Post-Election Protest - Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Teamsters United has filed a post-election protest, detailing widespread violations by the Hoffa-Hall Campaign. Teamsters United calls for the election, which has not been certified, to be rerun.
The protest, filed by Teamsters United attorney Julian Gonzalez, details how IBT resources were systematically used to obstruct investigators and delay the release of documents detailing corruption in the Hoffa-Hall administration.

On November 29, Federal Judge Loretta Preska ordered obstruction charges to proceed against Ken Hall. But, by that time, the ballots had already been counted.

Hoffa and Hall spent millions of dollars in members’ dues in the obstruction effort, according to a related protest by Teamsters for a Democratic Union counsel Barbara Harvey.

The TDU protest defends the legal principle of a “fair and informed vote” which Hoffa-Hall went to extreme measures to block.