Here is another company that lost a wage dispute with their drivers after a class action lawsuit was settled. It also notes the company has precarious financial position and settling the lawsuit for the full amount could have possibly ended the company.
Maybe these companies shouldn't screw over employees.

Judge in settled PAM wage cases with drivers suggests concern about company’s finances
A settlement between PAM Transport and drivers of a class action lawsuit related to wages revealed that the company described its financial position to the court in a way that the presiding judge described as “precarious.”
Judge Timothy Brooks of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas approved the settlement late last month. Truckload carrier PAM is headquartered in Tontitown, Arkansas.
Allen West, the PAM CFO, suggested in a phone interview with FreightWaves that the judge’s use of that term was his alone and that PAM had not said anything that dire in any of its filings. Brooks had cited a PAM affidavit in his statement.
“If that happens and we have to post cash bond for the whole $90 million, that could cause some of our lenders to get nervous and they could call in some other debt,” West said.
The settlement eliminates that concern. Roughly 16,000 drivers will be eligible to receive payments from the $16.5 million settlement. Of that, one-third, or $5.5 million, will go to the attorneys who represented the class action, first filed in December 2016. The New Jersey firm of Swartz Swidler represented the first three “named” defendants, with the class action being certified later to include the wide swath of drivers who drove for PAM.
But one of the reasons he gives for approving the settlement was the financial state of PAM. “The Court also notes that PAM submitted an affidavit attesting to its precarious financial position, which suggested that Plaintiffs likely would not have been able to secure any more relief than this Agreement awards them,” Brooks writes.
The possibility that a larger award would put PAM into bankruptcy also was noted back in February, when the plaintiffs in the case, in a document asking the court to approve the settlement, said a bigger award might result in the truckload carrier taking that action.