This strike started in September 28 at Johnson Controls. They are UAW.
The workers at Navistar, who are Teamsters, went on strike August 31 after Navistar corporate said they would terminate the contract.

Teamsters local 776 took the Teamster truck and visited each facility on strike to provide support and a show of solidarity.

Navistar-Johnson Controls Solidarity
If anyone driving by the Navistar warehouse in Manchester, PA wondered what was going on with people picketing the facility they found out on Thursday November 12 when Local 776’s tractor-trailer showed up to support the striking Navistar members. The members are hanging tough and are digging in for the long haul against Navistar.

Afterward the truck headed to Johnson Controls in New Freedom, PA. The Navistar Members, along with workers at Johnson Controls, represented by UAW Local 1872 paused their respective strike actions for a moment of solidarity and to take a quick picture with the Local 776 tractor trailer. Regardless of the Union the workers are represented by, they share the same fight to secure a fair contract with wages that rewards their hard work and affordable healthcare without concessions.

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