I know it is not a good thing to hate someone so I will just say that I dislike these guys to the maximum amount possible. They have way too much power, they affect way too many people in very negative ways politically and it does not matter where you live. They are behind the RTW push in New Mexico. Now what do they care about the state that nobody else cares about? Really makes you wonder. As far as Colorado, they are our liberal neighbor to the north as we are surrounded by conservative states in every other direction and I do care what happens there, especially when the Koch Brothers are behind it.

Colorado's efforts to become the first state to pass a public, universal health care system are facing stiff opposition from right-wing organizations, many of which are funded by or affiliated with brothers Charles and David Koch.

As expected, these moneyed interests are doing everything they can to stop the state from amending its constitution with a ballot referendum, Amendment 69, which would implement a statewide version of "single-payer" health care. If approved, ColoradoCare would cover every resident, regardless of employment or ability to pay. In October, organizers submitted enough signatures to put the amendment on the ballot. The vote will take place on Election Day this year.

If the opposition groups succeed, they would not only be depriving Colorado of universal health care, but also would be serving another destructive blow to single-payer activists across the country. The single-payer movement saw a similar effort in Vermont fail in 2015, and its activists were shunned by the White House during federal reform discussions in 2010.
Koch Brothers Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado