Another government generated crisis along with big business loans from zero percent interest rates created by the Government, but look over there we didn't do it, it's the big banks which we must bail out with your money.

Obama admin setting up another housing collapse...

Lenders pushed to offer loans...

Shaky credit scores, 3% down payments...

Team Obama is setting us up for another housing-market collapse

The Obama administration is doing its best to give the nation another mortgage meltdown.

As Paul Sperry recently noted in The Post, Team Obama has pushed mortgage lenders to offer home loans to folks with shaky credit, setting up conditions for another housing-market collapse.

Wasn’t the last one bad enough?

Credit scores of approved borrowers, for example, have been trending down, even as their debt levels have grown.

The Federal Housing Administration and government-sponsored “independent” lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been demanding lower credit standards — just as the feds did starting under President Bill Clinton, in pursuit of the same “affordable housing” goal.

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