I think it is pretty safe to say this is the case for all states. I cannot even imagine what New Mexico would be like if we didn't have the union jobs that we do. Good middle class jobs that support our economy. Without them we would have only the labs scientists and those jobs are government jobs that have been on the chopping block many times.

Anyone who thinks RTW is ok and that you shouldn't have to pay dues needs their heads examined. This is a great article and you really need to read the whole thing.

A new report from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute shows that Illinois union members get $6 back for every dollar they contribute in dues. The report is timely considering the ongoing anti-union crusade of Gov. Bruce Rauner and his anti-worker “Turnaround Agenda.”
-Union members create nearly 43,000 jobs that would not exist in Illinois without unionization– including over 10,000 direct jobs in labor organizations and almost 33,000 other jobs from the higher earnings and consumer spending of union households.

-The net impacts of union members are a $3.6 billion increase in Illinois’ economic output and $218 million more in state income tax revenue than there would be without unionization.
Finally, while some critics argue that labor unions have “too much” political influence in Illinois, political campaign spending data from public disclosure agencies do not support this claim. In 2014 state and local elections in Illinois
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