Very good point. We can't go from the old industry to new without many people losing their jobs. There needs to be programs in place to retrain such workers. But we absolutely need to find new, planet friendly ways of doing things or we won't have a planet or resources left for future generations.
WASHINGTON - Despite continuing, sometimes successful, efforts to bridge the gap between greens and blues, rifts occur from time to time. It's a byproduct of our dog-eat-dog system in which macroeconomic planning is virtually impossible.

Greens work to put in place programs and policies aimed at protecting and sustaining the environment over the long haul. Blue collar workers must support themselves and their families in the here and now.
If our system were rational, we would definitely switch to sustainable energy and the government would provide compensation, alternative employment and re-training to all workers displaced because of the switch to sustainable energy. In our society, except for minimal aid, it's devil take the hindmost unless there's a major push from voters and a commitment from government to buck unbridled 'free enterprise."
U.S. economic system traps unions in the green vs. blue conflict ╗ peoplesworld