It was clear to me at the Bernie Rally that people have absolutely had it. Even the conversations I heard while waiting in line showed me a lot of people are sick and tired of what is going on, people are fired up, they are educated about the situation.
The past few months have upended every common conception of how things were supposed to go during the presidential race. Few imaged that Donald Trump would have clinched the Republican nomination or a hotly contested Democratic primary poised to drag on until possibly the convention — but here we are. Although, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. While diametrically different, the candidates left standing are doing one thing exceptionally well — hitting Wall Street.

It’s astounding. There is an entire industry so loathed in American life that it has propelled unconventional, once-unbelievable candidates on both ends of the political spectrum to the forefront by upending the political machines of both parties.
Wall Street deserves this anger from voters