Wow. Amazing.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (also known as the TPP) is a very controversial trade agreement among twelve countries around the world, and now it has a new ally in the form of one of the world’s largest companies: Google. “We hope that the TPP can be a positive force and an important counterweight to restrictive Internet policies around the world,” Kent Walker, SVP and General Counsel at Google said in a blog post. “Like many other tech companies, we look forward to seeing the agreement approved and implemented in a way that promotes a free and open Internet across the Pacific region.”
“Why did Larry and Sergey have to leave the company to these idiots?,” one commenter asked. “Previously unsure if Google had completely betrayed “Don’t be evil”. Now confirmed. Complete betrayal. You can now drop the “Don’t” from that maxim,” another said. Yet another had this to say: “Annnnndddddd Google is now just another globalist menace. This is wild. They are no longer one of the good guys. RIP Google we all loved. Hello evil. So sad…”
Google backs the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership | 9to5Google