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    Default The newest right-to-work state is not like the others: Ranking the weakest labor stat

    Give it time, RTW will do it's job......

    West Virginia became a right-to-work state July 1, joining 25 other states that prohibit union security agreements that make union membership or dues payments compulsory. But this newest member is different than most of the other states in the right-to-work club in one key way: It’s already highly unionized.

    According to the 2015 figures in Bloomberg BNA’s Union Membership and Earnings Data Book, nearly one in every eight West Virginia workers is a union member. That gives the Mountain State a higher union density ranking than all other right-to-work states, save two: Michigan and Nevada.
    Will union membership in these new right-to-work states start falling over time, joining their counterparts near the bottom of the list? It’s a hard question to answer. A while back, I tried in this blog to show whether becoming a right-to-work state really changes a state’s labor strength or its union earnings, and came up empty both times. But these figures—especially those dealing with factory workers in West Virginia—will be worth watching in the years to come.
    The Newest Right-to-Work State Is Not Like the Others: Ranking the Weakest Labor States | Bloomberg BNA

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    Default Re: The newest right-to-work state is not like the others: Ranking the weakest labor

    Those that enacted and promoted the law are doing just fine.
    Those that need jobs ... poverty and fear are all they have.

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