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    Default All the King's Men

    To be honest,what I don't understand is why anyone would think we wouldn't turn into a society ruled by psychopaths and sociopaths?...I mean,it's right there in the brochure,we get told right up front...We have a society set up to 'reward' the most greedy,the most selfish,the most vile,and the most unconcerned with other human beings and life in general...Of course we hide that reality with corporate's catch words,entrepreneur,competition,growth,profit,but these are little more than ways to 'exploit' others for their own gain...And yes,in this goal to gain from exploiting others someone does come up with beneficial ideas,sometimes,but it's no guarantee,but it IS guaranteed that the most greedy,the most selfish,the most vile,and the most corrupt will 'rise' to the top of such a system...

    Plato once said,''What is honored in a country is cultivated there''....We've deified selfishness in our society,repackaged it as individualism,but our driving ethos still remains an expression of the egotistical yearnings of emotionally stunted adults...This is more then evident in most of our politicians and captains of industry...As children they were spoiled rotten with an arrogant sense of entitlement and hubris by narcissistic parents,now as adults they revert to emotional childishness,which replaces the healthy child-like joy of maturity...Consequently,they are insecure instead of intimate,obsessed with power,detached from reality,and possess a foreshortened sense of future...It is no wonder that we are on the verge of destroying ourselves,purging ourselves of BOTH 'dissent' and 'cooperation'...Politicians and corporate see 'no value' in them because they lack a wider appreciation of these God-given qualities...

    If you really think about it,what the hell are they really afraid of?...If their afraid of the working class it must be strictly in the abstract sense...Playing us like a roll of dice because the working class is way to 'busy' fighting amongst themselves instead of fighting ''THEM'' since there is no more of a movement to overthrow these titans of finance,capital accumulation,and war-profiteering then there was 30,40 years ago...So,I ask again,what the hell is there to fear?....POLLS????

    Look at Congress,which now boasts what?,about a 6% approval rating from the public...What the hell do these corporate front men care if 94% of U.S. citizens 'despise' and 'distrust' them?...They know their power is in no way threatened by working class passive cynicism...We never organize to overthrow them or their Wall Street and Corporate ''OWNERS'',so what exactly is it they're in such dire fear of?...Not much,that's for damn sure...Just because the neighborhood bully is unpopular doesn't mean he's any less effective in bullying everyone around him to get what he wants!!!!


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    Default Re: All the King's Men

    This country has always thrived during wartime..




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