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    Mule Bleue

    Cool Jama´can drivers in western Canada

    It look like the management of the big trucking compagny have a lot of imagination. Now to fill up the drivers seat at low cost, they import drivers from Jama´ca!

    What will be next?

    Camionnage : une entreprise manitobaine recrute en Jama´que | ICI.Radio-Canada.ca You can translate that video in english in the upper right corner.

    So then I've write an article about what I think about that!

    Routier Revendicateur: Jama´que = Main d'oeuvre Ó rabais?

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    UNION 282

    Default Re: Jama´can drivers in western Canada

    It only shows what Lengths corporations will go through , to get out of hiring union drivers , the people of Manitoba should address the safety issue of bringing in drivers who have never driven in bad weather , I guess the province of Manitoba will address it , when the tractor trailers start crashing all over the highways . Stay Strong my Canadian Brothers

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    Default Re: Jama´can drivers in western Canada

    The trucking industry here is a mess, it forced me into a D class vehicle to get away from the never ending regulations for the legit.



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