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    Default De Blasio Rips Trans Pacific Partnership, Calls NAFTA a ‘Disaster’

    I am glad to see more and more politicians being vocal about the TPP. I think it is going to take a whole lot to stop it at this point in time. Looks like Hillary needs to rethink here stance on the subject!

    “There’s such passion on this issue because we’ve already been to this movie,” Mr. de Blasio said at an anti-TPP rally in front of City Hall this morning. “We saw it with NAFTA. We saw what a disaster NAFTA was, and we’re not going to repeat that mistake in our time.”

    Mr. de Blasio’s opposition to the TPP is not surprising: almost all of the city’s Congressional delegation is opposed to the deal, which is hated by unions. The pact would ease trade barriers and a host of regulations between the United States, Australia and several Asian and Latin American nations.

    But the mayor’s comments come at a time when free trade has become a major issue in the presidential race, and not one that has been particularly good for Mr. de Blasio’s chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton. As President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Ms. Clinton was instrumental in creating the free trade accord, though she has since disavowed it.
    De Blasio Rips Trans Pacific Partnership, Calls NAFTA a ‘Disaster’ | | Observer

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    Default Re: De Blasio Rips Trans Pacific Partnership, Calls NAFTA a ‘Disaster’

    A good article in the Rocky Mountain Teamster this month. They rip the NAFTA and TPP agreements to shreds.

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