And it will just continue until we have a complete reform of health care in this country. We need universal health care.

Wisconsin, WI - Health insurance companies are proposing large premium increases next year in several states for insurance sold through exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.
[Robert Kraig]: “Conservatives are going to try to say that it’s being caused by Obamacare, by the Affordable Care Act, even though, quite frankly, inflation has been less since it was passed…and certainly taking no responsibility for the fact that they’re not allowing us to go to the next stage of reform. Because we’re stuck in this endless debate where conservatives want to simply repeal the Affordable Care Act—that’s their whole health plan—rather than moving forward and building on it and trying to deal with the next big issue we have, which is cost. At this point, the special interests are winning way too much, and the debate’s far too much of an inside debate, which means the public loses.”
Health Insurers Looking For Big Rate Hikes In 2017