And I helped! We might not be very populated, me might not have huge numbers of union members but people in this state stand up for their rights!

SANTA FE, N.M. (PAI) - In a surprise to both state and national anti-worker right wing Republicans, intensive campaigns by workers, unions and their allies killed three hurtful anti-union measures in the New Mexico legislature.

"The session's ending, but we're just getting started," the New Mexico Federation of Labor exclaimed after right-to-work, repeal of prevailing wages for construction workers and a "pre-emption bill' to make it illegal for cities to set their own labor and wage laws all died.

Right-to-work lost in a state senate committee on a 5-4 vote, with the five Democrats outvoting the four GOPers. The other two bills were killed on the Senate floor. RTW never came up this year in the Republican-run New Mexico House. Had the prevailing wage ban passed, construction unions calculated workers' wages would fall by 30 percent.

"It is a shame that (Republican) Gov. Martinez and the New Mexico GOP wasted so much time this session with unnecessary attacks on working families and 'all crime all the time' bills that do nothing to address the root causes of crime in our communities," said State Fed President Jon Hendry.
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