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    Default When the Hell Did the NLRB Become More Activist Than Labor?

    **Bad language warning.

    So what do you think?

    When the hell did the federal government get bolder than most labor unions about asserting the legal rights of workers?

    On Monday, in a 3-1 ruling, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reversed a Bush the Younger-era precedent that gave employers a say over whether temporary and subcontracted workers can be included in the same bargaining unit as the regular, full-time employees with whom they work beside. Go figure, most employers said “no” to the proposition that people who work shoulder to shoulder, but are paid from separate checkbooks, could bargain together in the same union. But the new Miller & Anderson, Inc. decision could force subcontractors to bargain with a certified union over the wages and working conditions determined by the controlling employer.
    A good case in point is employers’ “right” to force employees to attend mandatory anti-union “captive audience” meetings during a union organizing drive. Most organizers accept that it “is what it is”—another fucked up way that NLRB election rules are rigged so that unions lose a ton of representation elections. (Although, it should be noted that unions used to lose half of all representation elections during the Clinton I-era and now tend to win about two-thirds of elections, thanks partly to more strategic organizing choices and partly to the NLRB’s recent return to its historic mission of encouraging unions and collective bargaining.)
    When the Hell Did the NLRB Become More Activist Than Labor? - Working In These Times

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    Default Re: When the Hell Did the NLRB Become More Activist Than Labor?

    I think our allies should keep on hammering away. There have been great gains for labor the last little while.

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