I may have posted about this back in 2014 when it was passed but I honestly don't remember this. It will soon be implemented.

Final regulations implementing the Order are expected soon. The Order has not received sufficient attention from unions.

The Order applies to approximately 24,000 businesses that have procurement contracts with the federal government in excess of $500,000, or who subcontract at this level. These businesses must now inform federal contracting agencies of any complaints by federal or state labor agencies, civil judgments, or arbitration awards that allege or find a labor law violation over the past three years. The violation must be reported even if the employer is currently contesting it before an administrative judge or in the courts. Employers must update their status twice a year. If a complaint is dismissed or vacated, the reporting obligation no longer applies.
Depending on the severity of the labor law violation, the government may decline to award a new contract or terminate an existing one. In egregious cases, the employer may be ôdebarredö from future contracts.

On July 1, 2016, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced that consistent with the Order, it will be reporting ULP complaints to an inter-agency database, along with an assessment as to whether the violation is serious, repeated, willful, or pervasive. NLRB Regional Directors will be notifying contractors against whom a complaint is likely to issue that, unless the matter is settled immediately, the complaint will be sent to a federal database for use in determining whether the company should be disqualified from contracting with the federal government.
Obama "Blacklisting" Rule