IMO this should not even have to be a discussion! Wanting to take away workers rights. Think about it!

The White House and Department of Labor took another step towards improving the lives of workers late last month when they issued final language for a rule that will put stronger protections in place for those employed by federal government contractors.

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order establishes clear guidelines for federal agencies to implement when reviewing companies for federal contracts. It will hold companies doing work with the government accountable for violating workplace laws and prevent bad actors from receiving contracts.
That isnít stopping Republicans in Congress from attempting to shut down their implementation. Some are attempting to halt the rules from being applied to Defense Department contracts, which is the federal governmentís top contracting agency. House and Senate Democrats as well as the White House have issued their opposition to such efforts.

This isnít the first time objections have been raised to pro-worker rules approved by the Obama administration. A legislative effort is underway to curb new overtime regulations that more than doubled the salary cap for eligibility, while opponents of the so-called ďpersuader ruleĒ that would halt the efforts of third-party union busters are using both the courts and Congress to try and prevent it from being implemented.