(WILKES BARRE, PA) - Teamsters Local Union 229 Secretary-Treasurer Craig Pawlik participated in a roundtable on trade and the impact of NAFTA on Pennsylvania hosted by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA). The following are the remarks he gave at the roundtable.

"Good afternoon. My name is Craig Pawlick and I am Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 229 in Dunmore.

"Here in Pennsylvania, under NAFTA TAA, more than 185,000 workers have been certified as having lost their jobs due to offshoring or because of increased imports from Mexico and Canada that reduce production and jobs at American companies.

"But as everybody knows the TAA totals are the tip of the iceberg because that program certifies only the manufacturing jobs that we have lost because of NAFTA – not the services jobs that depend on a strong manufacturing base.

"So when you factor in those jobs, as well as the manufacturing jobs Pennsylvania has lost due to the U.S. trade deficit with China since it joined the WTO, Pennsylvania has probably lost twice the TAA numbers – well north of 300,000 manufacturing-related jobs.

"Very few states, if any, have endured greater per capita economic harm, due to our flawed and failed so-called “free trade” policies, than Pennsylvania. And on another point of personal privilege, I want to say that American workers, not just here in Scranton but all over the country, have had no better friend, no greater ally, than Senator Bob Casey.