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    Default U.S., Canadian Teamsters Work Together for Working Families in NAFTA Round III

    (OTTAWA) – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with members in transport and manufacturing in both the U.S. and Canada, brought leaders to Ottawa over the weekend to influence the on-going secret NAFTA renegotiation.

    Several issues that are priorities for Teamsters are on the table in the third round of talks, including workers’ rights, highway safety and dairy market access. The Teamsters have also joined the chorus of civil society groups that are calling for the elimination of the controversial dispute settlement mechanism in NAFTA’s investment chapter whereby corporations can sue governments.

    International President James Hoffa emphasized the importance of workers’ rights and strongly advised the U.S. delegation against tabling a labor chapter that fails to level the playing field among the three NAFTA countries.

    “The first draft of the U.S. proposal on worker rights is inadequate and needs to be reworked,” Hoffa stated. “The Canadian text, however, goes farther and even addresses American right-to-work laws that depress wages and therefore attract companies in a ‘free trade’ race to the bottom. I urge the U.S. negotiators to work with us and with their Canadian counterparts to craft a labor chapter that will raise standards and wages throughout North America. Anything less should not be a starting point for these negotiations. It is imperative that a NAFTA replacement get it right when it comes to workers’ rights.”

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    Default Re: U.S., Canadian Teamsters Work Together for Working Families in NAFTA Round III

    There's a simple fix...which all these complicated issues will not fix......and that is the issue of pay....

    One thing needs correcting or all others are just a smokescreen waste of time.

    The Mexican wages need to, at the very utmost minimum, must meet our nations average minimum wage.....IN EVERY JOB>>......or don't EVEN waste my time that anybody is trying to fix anything...because if they don't fix that....nothing changes except the exchange of big money amunts and what is exchanged for....and the common people aint getting any of that...That's what they need to be told.

    We have Canadian Teamsters and American teamsters in this story who make similar wages.....We need Mexican teamsters making the same.....THAT should be the main focus...and it should be done quickly....no long drawn out process of improving their wages or conditions...immediate. Period!




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