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    Default Re: Hoffa: Congress, Stand for Workers

    Quote Originally Posted by Walleye View Post
    Union have become a BIG part of the problem,,..

    The SCUMBAG LOSER PUKES in charge are using MINE and YOUR dues to get FAT and RICH,.

    The unions have become NOTHING MORE than a PONZI scheme for ORGANIZED CRIME to profit,....

    Get rid of the unions and the LAZY looking for handout liberals and MY paycheck has more MONEY in it!!
    Then you should work for FedEx, you’ll be happy there
    Become an at Will employee and let the Corporate crime families run your Life
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    Default Re: Hoffa: Congress, Stand for Workers

    Bad link.
    Please replace with a link that works.

    As far as Unions taking your money. You are free to work anyplace that is non-union.
    Besides, I thought the federal government intervention into the Teamsters ( particularity CSPF ) got rid of all the crime business and in turn allowed Wall Street to lose your pension money ?
    Let's also remember President Reagan's Justice department was the first to fire the opening shot at the Teamsters in 1987 leading to a decade of theft of your pension funds.
    Spin away.
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