I may not be a teamster myself, but I am married to one and I can promise you if I was a teamster, I would be more involved than the husband is! Because that is what us women do!
The Teamsters Union celebrates Women’s History Month every March, and commemorates International Women’s Day on March 8.

Throughout the year, we honor and promote women’s achievements. Teamster women are integral to making our union the strongest union in North America.

Teamster women are forklift operators, aircraft mechanics, UPS drivers, nurses, tractor-trailer drivers and more. Teamster women go to work every day to work hard, stand up for their coworkers, get engaged in their union and help make a difference. They vote and they raise their voices over the issues that matter—union rights, workplace fairness, good wages and benefits, and a say on the job for all Americans.

Teamster women are trailblazers. Over a century ago, women were organizing with the Teamsters and achieving equal pay for workers.