"It is important that working people have a voice as our nation works to find a way through the COVID-19 pandemic and to restart the economy. With more than one million members working as essential service workers across the country right now, the Teamsters Union is uniquely situated to speak out on behalf of these men and women.

"On today's call with the President, I shared with him and all of the participants the Teamsters Union's top three priorities. First, we must ensure that everyone who is working has easy access to PPE, sanitizer and a disinfected workplace. Second, workers must have easy access to reliable testing. And, third, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration must implement a broad federal standard so that bad actor employers can be held accountable.

"Until we can ensure worker safety, we cannot put our members and workers at further risk by opening the economy up too soon. It's important that we listen to the medical professionals to ensure that the health and safety of workers and their families is our first priority."