This Teamster local, located in Amarillo Texas, has presented some very generous scholarship awards for the deserving members.
Congratulations to all those young folks heading to a higher education.

We are proud to announce our 2020 Teamster Local 577 Scholars chosen by Teamsters 577 Scholarship Committee
Hong Nguyen - $9,000
Daughter of Thao Nguyen, Tyson Fresh Meats

Par Chin - $7,000
Daughter of Kio Bawikhar, Tyson Fresh Meats

Nomi Tial - $4,500
Daughter of Tin Hnem, Tyson Fresh Meats

Htat Than - $3,000
Daughter of A Pyong, Tyson Fresh Meats

Brandon Nguyen - $2,000
Son of Phuong Nguyen, Tyson Fresh Meats

Rachel Severin - $1,500
Daughter of Robert Severin, United Parcel Service

Lukas Moreno - $1,500
Son of Edward Moreno Jr, United Parcel Service

Kade Kimmel - $1,500
Son of Dan Kimmel, United Parcel Service