Congratulations to the members who negotiated and secured their first contract.

Teamsters Local 610 Members Gain Wage Increases, Benefits and More
Following a November 2019 representation election and intense negotiations that were interrupted by COVID-19 and completed virtually, dispatchers and call takers at AMR’s East Region Communication Center (a/k/a Abbott Ambulance) overwhelmingly voted, 50-2, to approve a first collective bargaining agreement on Friday, August 21, 2020.
“We feel really good about this contract,” said Judy Holmes, a Local 610 member and member of the bargaining committee at ERCC/Abbott. “We felt strongly that the things we were negotiating for were to help everyone. All the good things in this contract will help us keep people and close the revolving door, which is good for the company. None of the raises or better health insurance would have been possible without our union and our negotiations.”
Click the link to view the improved terms and work conditions.