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    Default Another assault on labor unions

    I believe we have shown time and again this administration will cause more harm to the labor movement and unions then any one administration has ever done before.
    The Federal Labor Relations Authority which governs labor relations between the federal government and its employees has stripped 450 federal employees of the their collective bargaining rights.
    This same authority decertified the air traffic controllers back in 1981.
    Mr. Trump appointed the two republican members to this board. Three members total. The lone democrat voiced his displeasure.

    FLRA Overturns Its Own Regional Director, Busts Immigration Judges’ Union
    The Federal Labor Relations Authority this week overruled the findings of its regional director and concluded that immigration judges in the Justice Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review are management officials, stripping more than 450 federal employees of their collective bargaining rights.
    "We are outraged, though not surprised by the lack of legal analysis [in the decision]," she wrote. "This decision is not being rendered in a vacuum. We have suffered an all-out assault on labor and unions from the outset of three executive orders designed to decimate bargaining rights of unions and the most recent executive order designed to transform the federal workforce into an 'at-will' and deeply politicized body . . . We have lost this battle, but we will win the war."

    Ernest DuBester, the lone Democratic member of the FLRA, issued a scathing dissent to the ruling, accusing his colleagues of engaging in “sophistry” to justify decertifying a union.

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    Default Re: Another assault on labor unions

    If you don't take care of private sector manufacturing money making unions there is no tax base for public sector unions.
    The unions today function backwards always looking out for public sector first. Because the Dems have joined the GOP in destroying the private sector to keep our voice and power lower than the top 1% of the world who they REALLY serve. God help the public sector but their support will constantly dwindle unless private sector numbers increase. Which the Established Swamp will NEVER allow. Keep believing in lying Dems and union leaders who live on their income level....and go down as always.




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