Recently Teamsters local called a strike against the Hunt's Point produce market in NYC.. It worked for them .. Teamsters from around the region joined the picket lines and then of course the local politicians including AOC joined in for the photo Op..

The Hunts Point Strike Is Just the Beginning

Given the compounding injustices of the Covid-19 era, workers’ demands are resonating across the country.

When 1,400 laborers at the Hunts Point Produce Market, a 113-acre distribution hub in the Bronx, decided to strike earlier this month, their demands were simple: a $1 hourly raise and better health benefits. Their employer had offered them a 32-cent per hour increase, which the workers considered an insult. After all, they’d worked nonstop through a pandemic that had killed six of them.

“Our bosses don’t feel we’re essential workers—we’re only essential when they say we’re essential,” said William Brown, who has worked at the market for 21 years. “We’re showing them that they need us.”

In fact, all of New York City needs these produce market workers, whose average base wages had been between $18 and $21 an hour. Their labor keeps New Yorkers fed, as they distribute around 60 percent of the city’s fruits and vegetables.

Their decision to strike was a risk. “Every benefit in that contract was on the line if we lost—if we couldn’t hold this line, if we couldn’t keep people engaged,” said Daniel Kane, president of the produce workers’ union, Teamsters Local 202, during a speech at the picket. “We didn’t know if we were going to prevail.”
And this is what unions of the past did.. Solidarity..If unions can learn to work together again then the unions shall grow.. Solidarity is the answer..

Meanwhile, the 202 members kept up the pressure: On Wednesday, they reportedly convinced a train with 21 cars filled with merchandise destined for the market to turn around. The engineer was a fellow Teamster.