February 1, 2021.
Empty Tractor Trailers
I-99: PA Turnpike to I-80
I-81: MD Line to NY Line
I-78: I-81 to NJ Line
I-80: I-79 to NJ Line
I-70: PA Turnpike to MD Line
I-84: I-81 to NY Line
I-83: MD Line to I-81
I-380: I-80 to I-81
I-95 PA Turnpike: I-276 to NJ line
I-76 PA Turnpike: Breezewood to Valley Forge
I-276 PA Turnpike: Valley Forge to I-95 connector
I-476 PA Turnpike: Mid County to Clarks Summit
PA 33: I-78 to I-80
US 22: Exit: I-78 EAST - ALLENTOWN / BETHLEHEM / EASTON to New Jersey State Line
Good day to stay home.