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For several months now, these Teamsters have been locked out of their jobs by Marathon Petroleum.

Marathon Refinery strike prompts boycotts at Speedway gas stations
The strike at the Marathon Refinery in St. Paul Park has expanded to include a boycott of Speedway gas stations.
Nearly 200 refinery workers have been on strike since Jan. 21, and starting last week they began to boycott gas stations owned by Marathon.
“Marathon’s decision to replace skilled local tradesmen and women with out-of-state workers who clearly lack the same training and local experience,” said Joe Fowler, business manager of Local 563 of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. The group is one of three unions representing the striking workers.

The 2021 St. Paul Park refinery strike is an ongoing labor dispute in St. Paul Park, Minnesota
The strike, involving approximately 200 workers, is taking place at an oil refinery owned by Marathon Petroleum and began on January 21, 2021, with members of Local 120 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters alleging unfair labor practices and unsafe working conditions. According to union representatives, the strike was originally intended to last for one day, but that the company performed a lockout on the workers. While the company denies that the dispute is a lockout, multiple sources, including the Star Tribune and the news agency Reuters, describe the dispute as a lockout.