Charles Bertucio, who has made himself rich off of his relationship with Teamster officials, has agreed to a deal that removes him from Teamster membership.

Bertucio is a life-long friend of Rome Aloise, and signed a sham contract with Local 853, headed by Aloise. Aloise claimed at the March hearing on his own charges that he knew nothing about the contract, and also claimed that it is normal for employers to join the Teamsters Union.

The agreement, signed by the Independent Review Officer (IRO) on April 14, bars Bertucio from Teamster membership, or holding any Teamster appointment, for 20 years. It bars him from association with the James R. Hoffa Scholarship Fund (a Teamster and employer fund) for five years, and from any business or social contact with any Teamster for one year.

The deal settles the charges brought against Bertucio.

The sham contract is only one of the charges pending against Aloise, who is an International vice president and Hoffa’s main man in the west. Aloise awaits a verdict from the IRO expected this summer.