This Labor Day, we remember that the purpose of a union is to stand together. Our union’s response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey makes this Labor Day more meaningful than ever.

The Teamsters Union has always been an early responder in times of crisis, donating and distributing emergency supplies, coordinating logistics, raising money for those in need and more. When our members are affected—whether from an unfair employer, legislation unfair to working families or even natural disasters—the union family stands together.

Labor Day is a time to reflect on who we are as a union. Our job isn’t just to organize members, bargain and protect contracts. It’s to bring respect and dignity to all working people. That means being there when we are needed.

All too often, Labor Day is seen as a (well-deserved) long weekend and little else. This Labor Day weekend, ask what you can do for your union brothers and sisters, especially those impacted by the natural disaster still wreaking havoc on America.

A good way to start is to visit the Teamsters Disaster Relief website, where you can make donations that will help those in need. Right now, 100 percent of proceeds to go help members impacted by Hurricane Harvey.