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Thread: Sean O達rien

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    Default Sean O達rien

    Just announced yesterday but first time I heard about it.
    Boston Teamsters boss to take on James P. Hoffa
    Sean M. O'Brien announces his candidacy
    Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O達rien is joining an insurgent Kentucky union leader in a bid to unseat the International痴 head, James P. Hoffa, pledging a fight to return the union痴 power to its 1.4 million workers.
    A fourth-generation Teamster and truck driver whose union credentials include leading Boston痴 12,000-worker local and presiding over joint group of 45,000 New England Teamsters, O達rien says Hoffa is out of touch and has grown 田omfortable since taking over the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1999.
    He値l take his challenge to the members in the next election in 2021.
    Fred Zuckerman, head of a Kentucky Teamsters local with 16,000 members who lost his bid to replace Hoffa in 2016 by 6,024 votes, is backing O達rien and running on a slate with him as a candidate for general secretary-treasurer.
    Well ... what does the voting member think about this guy ?
    I knew of him, and I've heard about his power in New England.
    It's time to change things up. I can't vote, but we need all members to become engaged with the union and it's politics.
    The tide is moving out on union power. The elected officials don't care about us, and the corporate powers love what's happening legally.
    So it's up to those that care enough to vote.
    ( this is not an endorsement, only news and opinion )

    Boston Teamsters boss to take on James P. Hoffa | Boston Herald

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    Default Re: Sean O達rien

    I have no problem with anyone that's making life uncomfortable for the "Hofficers" these days. When you see folks jacked from a negotiating table for sticking up for the rank and file, it's way beyond time to change things up.

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    Default Re: Sean O達rien


    Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman announced at a joint event in Boston that they will be leading a slate in the 2021 Teamster election with O’Brien running as General President and Zuckerman as General Secretary Treasurer.

    Teamsters for a Democratic Union partnered with Zuckerman and other Teamsters to build the Teamsters United coalition which came within a few thousand votes of defeating Hoffa in the IBT election in 2016. Six International VPs on the Teamsters United slate were elected.

    TDU urged Zuckerman to run for re-election as General President in 2021. Zuckerman opted to run for the number two position alongside O’Brien.

    “Sean has shown through his leadership in New England that he knows how to unite Teamsters in action to stand up to the employers. Working together, we can put the Teamsters on the right track,” Zuckerman said in an announcement explaining his decision.

    The change will spark debate and discussion among TDU members and Teamsters United activists.
    TDU Statement on Sean O'Brien

    *I am posting this in the TDU thread also. This is obviously going to be a big TDU issue as well as a teamster political issue. I might end up combining the thread.
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