We have been posting about this in the freight news forum but this is teamster politics too so it should be noted here.
(WASHINGTON) Ė Today, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Local 848 and truck drivers for global companies filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, challenging the Department of Transportationís Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrationís decision to preempt Californiaís meal and rest break guarantees for workers.

The petition filed today requests that the court reverse the Department of Transportation (DOT)ís decision in its entirety due to the adverse impact it would have on thousands of workers and highway safety in California.

In addition to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquartered in Washington, D.C., and Teamsters Local 848 in Long Beach, Calif., truck drivers for Sysco Corporation, NFI Industries, XPO Logistics and Pac 9 Transportation signed on as petitioners.

Teamsters Local 2785 in San Francisco previously filed a petition for review with the Ninth Circuit, seeking a reversal of the DOTís ruling.