I know, Corona Virus but I am putting it in this forum.

The head of one of the largest municipal unions, Teamsters Local 237, charged Thursday that City Hall is failing to provide its municipal employees with needed masks, gloves and hand sanitizer as they battle the coronavirus.

Greg Floyd — whose union represents 23,000 municipal employees across virtually every city agency — said local Teamsters also haven’t received proper training for how to handle the outbreak.

“Our members serve and protect the public,” Floyd told The Post. “Among the places they work are public schools, food services, public colleges, public housing, homeless shelters, public hospitals and the Administration for Children’s Services.

“How can they be expected, in good conscience, to protect the public, when they are not protected themselves?” he said.
“It’s inhumane and hypocritical to ask workers to do a job without any thought to their well-being,” Floyd said, adding that on Thursday City Hall officials promised to improve safety measures.