Welcome and congratulations to the new members of Teamster local 667 in Memphis Tennessee.

Jacobus Energy Workers in Memphis Choose Teamsters
A group of Jacobus Energy tankhaul drivers in Memphis, Tenn. recently joined Local 667. The new Teamsters, who haul fuel, work in one of the most difficult and dangerous trucking jobs.
Ricardo Hebron is a Jacobus Energy worker in Memphis who has been with the fuel services provider for 17 years. He has been a Teamster twice before in his career so he already knows the benefits of union membership. He and his co-workers deliver fuel to construction sites, Amtrak, FedEx, Coca-Cola and other companies.
Dover has only been an organizer for a few years but his enthusiasm is evident. He was a freight driver for 35 years, including time as a Teamster at USF Holland and, before that, as a nonunion driver. He knows the union can give the workers what they are looking for: seniority rights, an end to favoritism, and dignity on the job.
This is Local 667’s second organizing victory since the quarantine caused mass stay-at-home orders for everyone but essential workers.